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Multi Facet Donger – V2 Short White


Engineered to better reveal damaged timbers via sound and to cover more surface area, the Multi-Facet Donger™ or MFD is the tool used by professional Timber Inspectors.


Termite and building inspections include the checking of timbers using a timber inspection tool that produces a change in tone when damage or anomalies are present. This tool is typically known as a Donger but is also referred to as a Sounder, Tapper, Knocker or Probe.

The Multi Facet Donger™ or MFD is the latest innovation from Trade Management Systems (TMS), it has been designed and engineered to reduce the risk of missing timber damage by providing greater surface contact and covering substantially more surface area than conventional tools.

MFD Designer and Engineer Mick Humberstone explains how:

“Using a Multi Facet Donger is not the old conventional way to do an inspection, with the old way, the technician just taps along timbers listening for softer inconsistencies by sound and texture. The conventional tool (a round ball) only has surface area contact to the timber being checked of approx 0.7cm and tapping only covers incremental spaces along the timber, only minimal timber is actually being checked. We have found that damage can be very easily missed – especially along skirting boards where termite damage and activity can bet at or below the carpet level. With the MFD, we utilise 2 methods of detection. As well as the conventional tapping of the timber – we use the flat side of the tool to slide along the timber, this offers a surface area of over 14cm and contacts the timber down to carpet/tile level, this greatly increases the chance of detection termite damage or any other timber defects such as wood decay.”

Dimensions: 100g, 138cm x 3.6cm x 2.5cm


Volume Discount Prices

Order Quantity Cost Per Unit
2 – 4 $104.50
5 – 9 $99.00
10+ $93.50

Watch how the MFD works vs. a conventional donger