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Pest Controllers Unite on Linkedin

Trade Management Systems, proud engineers for the MFD have joined the online professional community on LinkedIn. Linked in a network of global professionals and trade services technicians who network, use forums to discuss ideas and use the platform to promote their products, services or expertise. As Trade Management Systems have a company profile, you can […]

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As part of the Rapid Solutions group – Rapid Training are using the Multi Facet Donger (MFD) on their Termite Inspection training course .

Rapids Solutions insurance are the industry leader in Pest Control insurance and training. They have started their pest control termite inspection training for new pest controllers using the MFD. As the tool is an evolved adaption of the standard donger, and is sure to become the Industry Standard in Australia and across the world.

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Improve your termite inspections with the MFD

Running a pest management company with seven technicians and doing mainly termite work, the risk of missing termite damage during inspections is always a worry. Five years ago I had an irate customer call to say that discovered termites in her home just a few days after an inspection by one of my technicians. She […]

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Garrards to stock MFD’s

Garrards is a Pest Control supplier for licenced operators with various locations across major cities across Australia. Garrards successfully stock our  Multi facet Termite Detection Tool (MFD) for all licenced technicians.  

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